Sarah Turner
Angel Academe

Sarah Turner

Co-founder/Director, Angel Academe
Director, UKBAA

Sarah is an entrepreneur and angel investor. She’s spent most of her career working in digital technology internationally as an advisor and connector. In 2014 she co-founded the fast-growing and award-winning angel network, Angel Academe.

Angel Academe invests in women founded and co-founded technology startups who are already demonstrating some commercial success. Their nearly 30 investments include: Provenance, which uses the blockchain to improve supply chain transparency; Raremark which uses AI to help patients with rare diseases make informed choices about care; and Fiskl, a fintech for SMEs.

Angel Academe members are mainly but not only women. Some are successful entrepreneurs, others are senior professionals, or enjoying portfolio careers. They collaborate to evaluate investment opportunities, make investments and support the entrepreneurs they back.

forum: wed 25 Nov, 11:00 – 12:30

Women Investment Forum

Over the last few years, UKBAA has identified the distinct challenges faced by women in the investment ecosystem, from the disproportionately low level of representation of women seeking to angel invest, to the disparity in access to finance faced by women-led teams. In early 2020, based on the recommendations of the Alison Rose Review, action was taken across the ecosystem to change the outlook for women founders, with the launch of the HMT Investing in Women Code. Alongside the commitment to women founders, action has also been taken by angel groups throughout the UK, to create more inclusivity within networks and develop the tools and resources needed to build and grow more women angels.

Join us as key players showcase the actions being taken and understand how they can be applied across the angel investment community regardless of group size or stage, to continue the work that’s already taking place.

Panel – Re-balancing the playing field
This panel will look at the wider role women angel investors can play in helping to shape the investment landscape to support female founders of the future and increasing the gender diversity in the investment base. It will also pinpoint the many actions taken by leaders in the ecosystem.

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